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  • Weed barrier membranes
    Long lasting weed protection
    With a lifespan of 20 years you can keep your garden protected from weeds with minimal effort. Whether you are trying to prevent weeds from growing through a stone path, through tarmac or if you are simply protecting your new vegetable patch, you won't find higher quality membranes than these.
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  • Fleece membranes
    Fine filter fabric
    This permeable fabric is perfect for situations where a large filter layer needs to be laid quickly. Whether you are retaining soil in a hanging basket or wrapping storm crates to prevent soil from entering the drainage channel these fleeces are perfect. We sell them with different tensile strengths and grain sizes to suit your needs.
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  • Non-Permeable Geomembrane
    The proof is in the plastic
    Our waterproof fabrics are robust enough to remain waterproof for years. With high puncture pressures and tensile strengths these membranes will create a non-permeable protective layer that lasts.
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  • Horse arena packages
    Easily managed manège construction
    These horse arena packages make building a well drained, aggregate separated horse arena extremely simple. We only sell the finest geotextiles and we guarantee that these membranes produce the finest riding arena surfaces possible.
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