EcoCell For Tree Root Protection

EcoCell For Tree Root Protection

Construction doesn’t mean destroy; it can also protect!

During the construction process, we were often required to remove the surface layer and dig it down to prepare the ground for the new project. However, that might not always be possible if there are tree roots underneath that need to be protected.

Most tree roots can grow between 150mm to 600mm below the soil and occupy an area two to four times the diameter of the tree crown. They can cover even more ground depending on the environment. Soil compaction, change in soil depth and improper watering can stress and cause injury to the tree root, therefore, it would be very difficult to have normal construction processes without damaging the tree roots. (Information from Colorado State University)

But with the help of EcoCell, we can carry out the construction while protecting the tree roots.


The Law

Installing a tree root protection system is important to help wildlife and the environment; also, a lot of urban areas, especially urban development areas have Tree Preservation Orders (TPO).

A Tree Preservation Order is an order made by a local planning authority in England. The purpose of the order is to protect specific trees, groups of trees or woodlands in the interests of amenities. Without the written consent of the local planning authority, it is prohibited to cutting down, topping, lop, uproot, wilful damage and wilful destruction of trees. (Information from

Failing to pursue the order can result in a fine of up to £20.000.


How does EcoCell work?

EcoCell is an inner-connection cell ground stabiliser to be filled with gravel as a high-strength network. The cells can be 100mm or 200mm deep depending on how much space you need. It is an economic and effective way to provide soil stability and load support.

Other than tree root protection areas, you can also apply EcoCell for:

  • Farm roads
  • Slopes
  • Vegetative areas


Tip: Always overfill the EcoCell so they don’t collapse.

A good partner of EcoCell is using EcoGrid paving to create a strong permeable surface for traffic. You can also have a surfacing other than gravel by filling the EcoGrid paving with grass or finishing with resin bound stone.


Benefits of using EcoCell

This no-dig solution allows trees to grow freely under construction work. More benefits include:

  • Reduce Excavation Depth
    Since the EcoCell will raise the ground, there will be little to no excavation needed for the construction.

  • Prevent Subsoil Compaction
    EcoCell filled with gravel can hold the pressure and support the ground, so the subsoil won’t be compressed and change the ground structure.

  • Prevent Oxygen and Nutrient Depletion
    While EcoCell holds the structure underground, stops soil compaction and be permeable, the soil can maintain good soil pore spaces and allows enough oxygen and nutrient for root growth.

  • Environmentally Friendly
    Trees benefit the earth in many ways. They improve the air, capture carbon dioxide, help with wildlife growth and more. Therefore, protecting more trees can help the environment.

  • Easy To Install and Cost-Effective
    EcoCell is very easy and straightforward to install and one bit can cover 31 square metres.


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