Geotextile Membranes

Geotextile Membranes

We Offer A Wide Range of Quality Geotextile Membranes

Non-Woven Membranes

We offer two non-woven geotextile fleece membranes.

First is the 100gsm Multitrack NW8 Fleece, a direct equivalent of Terram 1000. This is primarily used for separation and filtration purposes but is suitable for a wide range of general uses thanks to its reliable durability. As standard, it is available on a 4.5m x 100m roll, but at Ecogrid Ltd we also offer 2.25m and 1.125m rolls for the convenience of our clients. All our NW8 membranes are thermally bonded.

We also offer heavier grade Multitrack geotextiles such as the 80gsm EG80 and 215gsm NW18. On top of this, we can offer needle-punched geotextiles which are ideal for commercial applications where the best of the best are required; our 300gsm SNW40 and 650gsm SNW80.

Woven Membranes

We offer one main woven geotextile membrane which is our 78gsm Fastrack G90, ideal for stabilisation and reinforcement applications, as well as weed prevention. This is a woven alternative to Terram 1000. Fastrack provides maximum strength for minimum cost. It's available as 4.5m, 2.25m or 1.125m x 100m rolls. We also offer a full range of heavier grade woven membranes; please contact us for details.

Also available is a specialist Hi-Vis Woven Geotextile. This is a vibrant orange membrane used whenever a warning layer is necessary, indicating then excavation should not take pace past the point where the geotextile is laid. This is available in a roll size of 4.5m x 100m.

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