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Monthly Archives: January 2014

  • Hindhead golf club

    Case study : Hindhead golf club. Course Manager The Hindhead Golf Club

    Hindhead are great fans of Ecogrid and has used it in a great deal of scenarios over the years.


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  • New! Ecogrid Edge

    Ecogrid edge

    Ecogrid Ltd have been working on an innovative, flexible edging system to accompany the high quality porous paving grids. Introducing Ecogrid Edge!

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  • Ecogrid flexible edge system

    Ecogrid edge


    The Ecogrid flexible edge system has been designed and manufactured in the UK specifically for the resin bound stone market; however it is just as good for retaining gravel on a standard driveway fitted with Ecogrid or for any 'stand alone' garden edging.

    DIMS: 2000mm x 60mm x 10mm

    Material: recycled LDPE(Low density polyethylene)

    Sold in packs of 10 units only

    Haulage to site/home £12.90 per batch or other palletised delivery rates apply.


    Needs a push fit anchor connector to either affix the edge to the grid or to the supplied Tubular pre-drilled stakes. 10mm drill bit required to affix the edge to your Ecogrid.

    barbed-fastenerBottom Image




    The edge system can be drilled at any level, giving a flexibility to the depth of resin stone being screeded over the top from 15mm to 25mm. The Ecogrid edge system provides a screed rail to get a consistent level of topping. If a double colour scheme is required, this is simple with the Ecogrid edge system, you cut in the required shape to your surface through the grids at a 10mm width, then the edge system just slots in place easily.


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