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Monthly Archives: June 2014

  • Ecogrid ground seal.

    A new product range designed to make sealing contaminated sites, easier an more permanent.

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  • Part'M' compliancy. A case study

    Case Study: The MAXwell Centre, Dundee Kate Treharne Project Development Worker

    MAXwell 3

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  • Ecogrid stock levels

    We hold over 3 thousand square metres of our standard range in out Wirral warehouse at any one time.

    We also have access to over 50,000 square metres that can be collected from our factory in Arzberg, Germany and delivered withing three days of you placing your order, to your site.

    Standard colour for stock level UK would be:





    From Germany, you can order with a lead time of around three weeks, any colour that you wish, just add 15% to your base price and be aware that there is a MOQ of a full 22 pallets

  • Ecogrid grassed parking systems


    Grassed parking systems take on a multitude of different forms from slow growing varieties that are drought tolerant, to full and luscious varieties that could grace the lawns of the best gardens in the UK, Continue reading

  • Ecogrid turfed parking grown off site


  • Ecogrid grass system grown off site

    Ecogrid and Ecoraster

    Ecogrid can be supplied in pre-grown panels of 12 tiles or 1.33 square metres, grown off-site and delivered on pallets of 26 square metres. The layers are laid on to the ground and the next layer simply clicks in to place forming a permeable, permanent parking solution.

    Firstly a free draining type 3 reduced fines base is laid, typically 100mm deep and fully compacted. Then a membrane is installed. On top of this is placed a 40-50mm course of CU specialist soil or standard 70/30 soil sand mixes 50:50 with clean sharp angular stone which is  only lightly compacted. Ecogrid is laid on the top of this surface and then filled with a 70:30 mix of soil and grit.

    the grids are now fully compacted with a vibrating plate compactor or vibrating roller. If you are turfing the area, the turf is rolled over the surface and then the compacting machine is fully run over the surface, compacting the turf in to the grid. If seeding then the whole area is topped up with seed and topsoil, it is then fully rolled level. If seeding, a close eye will need to be kept to ensure moisture levels are maintained.

    Picture1 ecogrid-ecogreen

    CU Soil

    One of the key factors in the successful establishment of grassed parking  is to provide the best possible rooting environment. Research conducted in Cornell University over a period of almost twenty years, has identified that the need to provide a reliable and cost effective load bearing grass soil is one of the key solutions to addressing this challenge.

    In the 1990’s researchers at Cornell developed CU-Structural Tree Soil as an innovative solution to this problem. The development of CU-Soil has allowed the Urban Forestry Professional - Arborist, Landscape Architect or Tree Protection Officer (TPO) to successfully address the issue of providing adequate root development space for grass in an urban environment.

    CU-Soil helps to overcome the difficulties that grassed parking areas face in relation to the provision of adequate root development space.

    Key features of CU-Soil

    CU-Soil is designed to be load-bearing - it can be compacted to meet the Engineer’s structural requirements for the construction of a compacted sub-base for the installation of footpaths, access roadways and car parking areas in the modern built environment.


    CU-Soil promotes healthy root growth and research has shown that it will encourage downward root growth.

    CU-Soil for rain water attenuation. On-going research at Cornell is providing evidence of how an installation of CU-Soil, for example - under a car parking area, as well as providing a healthy rooting medium for tree planting can contribute to the reduction of rain water run-off and contribute to the LEED obligations for the development.


    CU Structural Soil satisfies the Engineering structural need for the planting area by supporting the paved surfaces. Cu-Soil– which is composed of 10-15mm crushed angular stone that is coated with a loamy soil so that when the material is compacted the stones still touch one another which gives the material it’s strength. This maintains stone-to-stone contact even though the soil component is suspended within the void space between the stones. This void space allows for a much higher degree of air and water flow throughout the soil.

    Satisfying the Horticultural - Root systems requirements:

    The void space mentioned above allows for a much higher degree of air and water flow throughout the soil providing a much higher level of nutrients and moisture to the roots. This also allows the roots to grow in a downward and horizontal direction, whereas in a traditional tree planting the roots follow the path of least resistance, which unfortunately, is always vertical, causing very destructive upheaval of the paved surface.



    Ecogrid is known across Europe as Ecoraster as this is the direct translation. Ecogrid is known as Ecoraster and Stabiligrid in the USA and Canada.

    Superb for those areas where you want them to remain a lawn but one that you can occasionally park on, a pathway that needs to be grassed and strong enough to cope with a lot of traffic and hundreds of other times when 'green grass' is THE ideal solution


    Ecogrid – Ecoraster should not be confused with products such as Netlon, netpave 25, netpave 40, netpave 50, adpave, hebden40, hebden401, hebden 402, geogrid, bodpave, bodpave 85, ecopaving. These products are not approved by nato or the TUV house and they do not have the patented Ecogrid Ecoraster locking mechanism that securely fixes the grids In place permanently.

  • Grassed parking systems, the future for the UK's green aspirations.


    Grassed parking systems take on a multitude of different forms from slow growing varieties that are drought tolerant, to full and luscious varieties that could grace the lawns of the best gardens in the UK, Continue reading

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