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Monthly Archives: July 2014

  • International case studies

    Here we list some examples of Ecogrid in use all over the world

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  • Ecogrid putting the ability in to permeability

    SuDS. 2

    Sustainable urban drainage systems are designed with three integrated objectives in mind, as opposed to traditional drainage systems, which have tended to focus solely on controlling water quantity: Continue reading

  • How to choose the most suitable grid system

    With there being 11 different types of grids in four different colours, it is not an easy task to decide which grid I need.

    If we first decide the colour, most people will choose the black grid as this is the least expensive overall and the most widely available. Next we decide what loading of traffic is going to go over the grid, if it is light duty (cars, small lorries etc) then the E40 is the most common, if the surface needs to be trafficked by say a heavy lorry then best to go for the E50. The S50 grid is generally used for grassed surfaces medium to light duty and general equestrian use due to its elastic capabilities. The e30 is used for general ground stabilisation and laying over grass to reinforce a parking area or such like, allowing the grass to grow through it. Care should be taken here to ensure that the grass is properly established before trafficking the surface.

    So, once we have decided the colour and the type of grid, we now need to order efficiently. The way that we look at cost is to have a price per square metre or nine tiles and then factor in to the equation where in the country you are so that we can look at haulage rates. If you are looking at a 50mm grid, then you can get up to 57.19 square metres on a pallet, if looking at the 40mm grid, you get 73.15 so it makes sense to order the full amount that you need in one go. So that is the grids sorted, next questions:

    • Do I need geotextile? This acts as a ground stabilisation, a filtration and a separation layer to stop the surface material mixing with the sand or hardcore base so it really is important. We sell geotextile in fixed amounts, 45 square metre roll, a 112 square metre roll, a 225 square metre roll and a 450 square metre roll. Geotextile is delivered under separate cover. • Do I need edging? Edging comes in two metre lengths and is supplied with clips to suit. You drill through the edge and then through the grid with a 10mm drill bit. An anchor pin is pushed through both holes and this secures the edge to the grid at your required level. The edge secures any gravel that over-rides or hides the grid should you need it. Again, the edge is delivered under separate cover. • Accessories?

    Many to decide, mainly bay markers for parking and curving pieces to give you continuous curves in the grids.

    Lastly, once you have sorted your products, you need to decide what grade of haulage you want, standard is classed as 3-5 working days but generally arrives within 2. Premium is classed as next day, however we must stress that we class this as 1-2 working days so that we are confident that we will not let you down. There is nothing worse than sitting on a job waiting for materials to arrive. We do have an AM or PM timed delivery which costs an extra £20 on the standard rate and a Saturday delivery but this is costly at an additional £40 on the top of a standard pallet rate.

    Finally, we are at the end of a telephone for any advice that you may need regarding fitting. Our team know their stuff here and are only too happy to help.

  • Ecogrid for caravan sites and festivals.

    Generally, in our glorious summer months, driving over and parking upon, our green and pleasant land is not a problem. At least for a couple of days a year!








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  • Ecogrid for welfare cabins

    Ecogrid can reduce construction site set up costs by over 80% over a ten year period











    A sweeping statement, but think about it! A cubic metre of concrete costs, let's say ninety quid. However to take a cubic metre of concrete away from site costs over twice that. If we can avoid those costs in their entirety, we should save lots of money so that the shareholders can go to Brighton instead of Blackpool (no offence Blackpool!)


    Ecogrid is far cheaper to buy, has as high a loading capacity, is made from recycled materials, is in itself recyclable for many sites, and takes about a 50th of the time to lay. A no-brainer don't you think?

    Ecogrid can be either filled or not, it can form the base for welfare cabins, tool stores, mixing areas etc etc. It will form a sturdy and mud free walkway which in-turn will stop the welfare cabins, toilets and offices getting so dirty and, of course, extending their lifespan,portaloo

    Another factor for consideration is the fact that most welfare cabins need to be raised off the ground for Rainwater catchment tanks, for services, waste pipes etc. Here Ecogrid really is unique in it' s construction. Any of the four thickness of Ecogrid tiles can be firmly locked in a layer, further secured by stakes at all four corners and has a four tile/ 9 tile section of our softplay mats on the top for non-slip and hey presto. A strong, reliable cost effective alternative to concrete or brick that can be taken from one site to another.



    In case the question is " Is it strong enough to take a loading....well, the top image is a 50 tonne crane lifting a 30 tonne generator sitting on Ecogrid...enough said!


    Call me for a quote:0151 639 4281

    Site visits welcome with samples.


  • Ecogrid installation sheets

    Below are our guides for installation of various finishes. These are advisory guides and careful attention should be placed to build to best practices, local ground conditions and ground CBR ratings.


    Grass filled installation guide




    Gravel fill installation guide




    Resin bound stone installation guide



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