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Car Parks: an alternative way of thinking.

Car Parks: an alternative way of thinking.

Come on guys, every Lidle helps

If one thinks of a conventional parking lot, what comes to mind is a large expanse of unsightly tarmac, interspersed with a plethora of white lines denominating disabled parking, parent and child parking, entrance and exit points and traffic flow designs.

All of which are extremely boring, contribute to the urban heat island effect, add to flood risk, storm-water pollution and are damaging to both the natural and the aesthetic environment

We would like to change all that and proffer a more natural solution that is SUDS compliant and a darned nice alternative.


Permeable ‘green’ parking lots can:

• Substantially reduce the use of road salts in times of harsh winters, thereby substantially reducing the run off of polluted meltwater to our rivers and streams. • Give a wider scope for more naturally aesthetic surfacing from grass to wildflowers, gravel to resin stone. • Save money on installation cost in both the reduction or eradication for ground-works and the reduction in surface material costs and fitting expense. • Give a’ guilt free’ ‘silt free’ permeable environment, reducing greatly the flood risk in a specific area. • Allow natural wildlife boundaries to the built environment encouraging the wild by being mild.


Al Tunnington If I can be of any further help, I can be reached or my office number is UK: 0151 639 4281

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