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Ecogrid and CBP. A sustainable infiltration alternative

Ecogrid load bearing paving grids make an ideal partner for concrete block paving (CBP) and permeable paving grids.


1. Concrete block pavers such as Marshalls Priora.

A 50 mm concrete block paver layer as the first stage of an infiltration zone.

2. Fine gravel or sharp sand thin screed.

3. 115g stabilisation, separation and filtration membrane.

Acts as a layer to stop the migration of stones to the surface and inhibits the absorbtion of hydrocarbons in to the water table.

4. 50mm Ecogrid E50 load bearing grids laid in a double layered broken bond fashion.

Ecogrid E50 has a filled load bearing capacity of 800 tonnes per square metre and is swift and simple to fit. Ecogrid laid in a double layer would provide 0.1 cubic metres of infiltration over a square metre surface area. Load is dissipated over a greater surface area.

5. Fine gravel or sharp sand thin screed.

6.115g stabilisation, separation and filtration membrane.

7. Type 2 reduced fines base

Needs to be either type2 reduced fines or type 3 reduced fines, fines being the dust produced during the quarrying process. If type 2 is used then fine clean stone can be added to ensure permeability.

8. Existing ground level.

Here we has a very effective and highly load bearing infiltration zone for car parks that is very cost effective to fit and can easily be adapted of a variety of surfacing. The Ecogrid layer is annually tested by the respected TUV testing house for it's load bearing capacity. Ecogrid is capable of being laid at the rate of 100 square metres per man per hour so the installation time needs not to be a consideration either. Ecogrid is made from recycled materials so can also boast a high degree of environmental considerations.

The overall effect of this system is 1/3 of a cubic metre infiltration over any square metre of surface area that is fully load bearing.



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