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Surface water charges and rebates

Did you know that you can get a rebate on your surface water charges if you can prove the following:

Picture11. The rainwater from your roof falls to the gutter system and then to either: A waterbutt or Raincatcher rainwater storage system that features a throttled attenuation valve or a 50:50 rainwater storage system, this means that the rainwater storage vessel fills up and then can overflow to a soakaway, an underground further rainwater storage system connected to a soakaway or a soakaway.

SUDS 2. An underground soakaway: This can be a 50:50 dual rainwater storage system that features half storage of rainwater with the other half being directed to an underground soakaway. 3. A soakaway. This is formed by wrapping storm crates in a geotextile membrane which in-turn gives you a 95% void. The system is usually preceded by a silt trap to gather any detritus prior to entering the soakaway. The rainwater falls on to the roof, goes down the downspout and in to what appears to be a gully, the difference being that the gully is connected to the soakaway rather that the standard surface water system usually in house developments. Plus 1. Your driveway or any paved surface is permeable such as being formed with Ecogrid permeable paving grids filled with either decorative gravel, with natural grass or topped with an Ecogrid permeable resin bound system. The surface must not be impermeable such as a Tarmac, concrete, block paved or Asphalt and consequently if these surfaces, must not fall in to the street In short, you must ensure that all in-curtilage surfacing (roofs, pathways etc [on your land]) are fully permeable and that all rainwater and surface water soaks in to the ground.

Here is a snippet from a conversation on a forum talking about the rebates one can get from water companies for surface water charges

Here's a good one. Did you know that if your house's rainwater pipes are not connected to any sewer (i.e. only to a ground water soakaway) you can get a rate reduction on the waste discharge part of your water rates. Thames Water automatically assume you are connected to their system and charge you for processing rainwater falling onto your property and then on into their system. I'd guess the rest do the same. There are 100,000's of houses up and down the country, in towns and city as well as more commonly in rural areas that have no rainwater conenction. It tends to be on older properties but new estates also have communial soakaways too. They don't advertise you can get this discount. I contacted Thames Water and got a £17 per annum rebate. Took one phone call to do it. Easy money saved. I'm pleased to advise that Welsh Water have now apologized for their mistake and offered a full refund dating back dated to 2003 of monies wrongly taken. I still think it's fraudulent for a waterboard to charge for a service they have refused to supply. Waterboards are going to continue falsely charging customers until the customer realizes the error and claims a refund etc. After phoning Thames Water a couple of weeks ago only to be fobbed off, I tried again today and was put through to a very nice person in Accounts who has now arranged for a £17 rebate without having to fill in any forms. Thanks OP. I had a leaflet from Wessex Water today (with my bill) and it mentioned this £17 per annum rebate. It states that if all of your rainwater is collected in butts you don't qualify - some must go to a soakaway. Also no rainwater from your property can go into the main drain - i.e. if it runs off your driveway etc, which our does. sorry to butt in on this thread. i have a 15foot swimming pool which will be emptied out i was advised to get an abatement form to claim for a reduction as it wouldnt be going through the drainage system..... 1 week later i got a letter with a £74 discount on sewerage bill what a result ! I rang South West Water and they sent me a form,which I returned and they have now amended my bill by £7-00 a month,as I was on the wrong sewerage tarrif,I've since asked for further rebate as I have lived in the same house since 1987 and was paying the wrong rate until recently BUT I have been told by them that the new tarrif was set in 2001 and they do not make any back payments for previous years,they saw i.a.w OFWAT regulations,it seems unfair,has any one else come across this??

Now, we are not saying that you will save a fortune but you will be able to claim back one of those pesky hidden charges that households have to face in this increasingly back-door taxed society of ours. Ecogrid limited and Raincatcher are available to offer quotations for various measures designed for you to collect and store rainwater with our own Speidel and Raincatcher systems, our exclusive Ecogrid permeable surfacing range and our specifically designed soakaway systems. Call us today on 0151 639 4281, email us


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