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In 2015, we will be publishing all feedback from our clients that have purchased from our Ecogrid range, here are the first few: Our partners in Ontario, Canada. Davon Sales is proud to share an interesting testimonial for another satisfied Ecogrid mud control product. This application was as a floor for a prefabricated horse barn that was placed directly on the Ecogrid, which then extended out into the paddock area.

DSC_1622 - Arbeitskopie 2

“Premium care for my horses has always been a top priority. However, as a horse owner of many years, I know that it is not always easy and it is not always cheap. I have tried various products to achieve the balance between affordability and quality, and sometimes there is no winning. However, with the Ecogrid Ecogrid, I found both a cost-effective and top quality product. The wet months are always the most difficult. The mud poses many problems for hoof health, shoeing and mud fever. I was lucky enough to see the Ecogrid preform almost immediately. In times where my horses would be pulling shoes, there was no mud to do so. That was the first noticeable change in costs; the farrier was only called for their regular trim and shoe schedule. The lack of mud on their legs was another remarkable difference I saw immediately. Mud fever has always been a major concern for me and therefore I would scrub their legs every night post turn-in. The Ecogrid completely eliminated that process. It was a win-win situation; I had more time to spend riding and my horses were well taken care of. Another benefit of the Ecogrid was the effectiveness it had within the stalls. With regular stall mats, the urine would spread making more shavings wet. Having the Ecogrid in the stalls, the urine sinks into the sand rather than spreading outwards. It affects minimal shavings and thus, saves more on the cost of shavings. Furthermore, the Ecogrid made a significant difference on our farm for aesthetic purposes. Prior to installing Ecogrid, mud was everywhere. It gave our farm the appearance of unkempt and disorganized. However, following the installation, our farm now has a clean and welcoming atmosphere. The grid also makes for easy field mucking so it is much simpler to keep things clean and make it stay that way. In addition to all the benefits listed above, the process of installation was incredibly easy. To install the 60’ x 60’ area took approximately three hours with myself and another person assisting. With just pressing the pieces together, it made for a simple and quick do-it-yourself process which was another bonus: no installation fee. Overall, the Ecogrid has covered all aspects of life living on the farm. It has reduced costs, improved and reduced the risk of certain health issues and has minimized the work load. It is a difficult task to find a product that supports both the needs of horse and owner without comprising one or the other. However, the Ecogrid is the most amazing, beneficial product I have seen and I cannot wait to expand in the spring!


Robynne Ketelaars Milton, ON

"Finally someone came up with an idea to manage mud around livestock! This is particularly great here in the Northwest with our many days of rain and mild temperatures.

I manage a small stable for horses and ECOGRID has proven to be a wonderful asset on my property. I installed ECOGRID at the entrance of my barn, at the entrance to my indoor riding arena, and on both sides of the gates between connecting pastures. My horses are no longer standing in mud waiting to enter the barns and arenas and they now cross into pastures with ease. The tiles are also environmentally friendly which was a must for me as I border a major salmon creek.

Additionally, ECOGRID is easy to install. We installed all of our tiles in one day! We are now thinking of other areas where we might be interested in installing these ECOGRID tiles such as driveways or under carport areas where we store heavy equipment and trailers. This will certainly be a better winter for my animals because of the installation of ECOGRID tiles. 

Thank you.


ecogrid-empty2 Cindy Borgen


Wanted to drop you a line to let you know how the EcoGrid/EcoRaster project is working out. As you may recall the depth of the mud in our paddock area was over 18 inches. We have been trying a variety of solutions to minimize the problem. hog fuel, crushed rock, big rock under small rock. None of these worked past the first rain. Having spent so much time and money on this problem I was skeptical about any suggestion or idea. Kinda "been there done that - no thanks".

I must say that your product has proven me wrong, and I could not be happier!!

We did have to remove about 20 inches off the top of the paddock area. The accumulation of previous efforts and mixed in manure had compacted the under soil so much that it would never drain. After exposing "clean" dirt I filled and leveled the area. Compacted it as per your instructions and laid the grid. We topped with clean sand at about 2".

The system has been in place for about 8 months. The result is as follows:


Before, after any rain, water would stand for 3-8 days. Now only after heavy rain will there be standing water and it will be gone in 4-6 hours.

Before the consistency of the paddock would be that of a thick slushy mud. Now the ground is always firm and there is no mud at all.

Before the horses had thrush as soon as the rains started, now there is no sign of thrush.

Before the stalls were slippery from the tracked in slim on stall mats. Now the stalls are dry and safe.

Before it was impossible to pick the manure because it was absorbed by the muddy slime. Now it sits up on top of the sand like a pool ball on a pool table. We are able to clean the paddocks in less than 5 minutes.

Lastly the horses love it. They enjoy lying on this dry sand and rolling on it.

This letter is to thank you for a great product and for all the guidance you provided during the installation.

Truly Yours"

Lorraine D. Newland


"I am writing to tell you how happy I am with the EcoGrid/EcoRaster you installed on my farm. It has made such a difference! No more standing water or mud outside the stalls. It’s just great. It certainly makes doing my barn chores much easier.

I have noticed the horses are much more content also. Now that winter is here they are spending a lot more time in their "sacrifice area" and they don’t seem to mind a bit. I know they must be happy to not have to walk through water to get in and out of their stalls. I’m sure it is much better for their feet too.

I also appreciate the nice job you did installing the EcoGrid/EcoRaster. I can’t believe how fast you were able to do it! I hope to have you back in the spring to lay more of the EcoGrid/EcoRaster. I should have had you put more in when you were here the first time. It is such a fabulous product and it is amazing what a difference it has made even though we have only done a small area. I can’t wait to expand on it!

Please feel free to share this letter with potential clients and I would be happy to talk to anyone needing a reference. "