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With Ecogrid, you can be mean and green!


Floods happen, a lot more nowadays in the UK and other parts of the world, in fact everywhere. When considering building design, we looked at one in ten year events, now those events seem at least every year so it would seem prudent to air on the side of caution as long as it is cost effective to do so.


We have more disposable income on the whole, the one car in the whole street is now the two cars on the driveway. The driveway that used to be given over to a lawn or nice flower borders, the same surfaces through which rainwater used to drain to the water table.

More out of town hypermarkets and shopping centres that fortunately now look to have peaked in popularity, have replaced arable land or green belt land in some cases; land that used also to be free draining.

Rain falls, hits that nasty tarmac, concrete or block and is directed to gullies or channel drains. Let’s be clear here. This is not the point where that water magically disappears. It is directed to underground pipes which join bigger underground pipes which then flow to either streams, rivers or the sea. If the streams or rivers get full then back-up the system comes the water, often overpowering the foul water system on its way creating rather the smelly problem at source; namely your kitchen.

So, what is the answer? Well there is not one but many, part of which may be:


  • A mixture of Ecogrid grass filled and or gravel filled tiled on all parking areas, minor track ways and domestic driveways.
  • A combination of concrete block pavers that are considered permeable, laid on the top of a number of layers of Ecogrid tiles thereby creating an effective infiltration system (soak-away)
  • Permeable resin bound stone surfacing where cost allows.
  • Mixtures of Ecogrid permeable paving systems along-side Raincatcher throttled attenuation tanks or rainwater harvesting systems.

Ecogrid has many advantages over permeable asphalt or porous concrete block systems, the cost of installation being the most noticeable. Ecogrid needs less hard core to install, less excavation and the overall product is cheaper. It also is installed in a fraction of the time. Ecogrid will not deteriorate like Asphalt or Tarmac, it is made from completely recycled material so it is winner winner!

You really can be mean and green with Ecogrid!

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