Premium Grade Complete 20 x 60m Ecogrid & Geotextile Horse Arena / Horse Manege (Menage) Package - Free Delivery

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EcoGrid offer a wide variety of manege and arena packages, from an EcoGrid surface protection and drainage layer to geotextiles of 600gsm plus. On this website we offer a wide variety of geotextile packages. Care should be taken that the membrane chosen should suit the sub-base requirement of the particular installation and the depth and quality of tread layer. We would always recommend that installations are carried out by a suitably qualified and recognised industry professional.

This package is designed for the popular 20m x 60m arena. Typically, we recommend this for private or domestic maneges/arenas light use in a domestic scenario with a dense suitably depth of tread layer such as EcoGrid with a tread layer or a sand surface, waxed surface, bound fibre etc. If there is any danger that the horse will come in to contact with the membrane then a heavier weight grade should be installed or the tread layer should be a sufficient depth to avoid such contact.


We offer a wide range of geotextile membranes, up to 1000gsm. If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0151 639 4281, email contact us through our chat facility during office hours.

EcoGrid Ltd offer a variety of horse manege (incorrectly known as a menage) to suit client needs. On our website we offer various grades to cater to the frequency and quality required. Please bear in mind that we offer a wide range of geotextile membranes up to 1000gsm. Don't hesitate to give us a call on 0151 639 4281 or email if you have any queries.

This particular horse manege package is designed for the popular 20m x 40m arena. This type of package would be recommend for the highest quality of arenas and maneges, where competitions are held frequently whether for dressage or racing.

1258sqm of EcoGrid Elastic E40 Plastic Porous Paving

  • This provides a porous paving system for the top layer of your arena. EcoGrid is renowned for its long-lasting durability and elasticity, making it ideal for a plethora of equestrian applications. Considering a load bearing of up to 500 tonnes when filled, this product is incredibly reliable. Throughout Europe EcoGrid is becoming increasingly popular for manege installations and that trend is beginning to spread across the UK.

1350sqm of Multitrack NW8 Non-Woven Geotextile Fleece Membrane 100gsm (3 Rolls of 4.5 x 100m)

  • This provides the top layer of geotextile, between the aggregate and top finish of rubber crumb, silica sand or whatever your preference is. In our many years of trading the 100gsm NW8 has proven to be durable and strong enough for countless equestrian applications. It is not uncommon to be specified in road construction. In some cases a little extra non-woven will be required; we offer cut rolls as 2.25 x 100m and 1.125 x 100m.

450m of Single-Sided Geotextile Cloth Tape (9 Rolls of 100mm x 50m)

  • It can be difficult to predict exactly how abundantly jointing tape will be used in horse manege installations, but as a rough guideline we recommend 1.5 rolls per roll of geotextile. Over many years we have always offered this cloth tape instead of other options like glue and heat sealing. In our experience, glue is too expensive for the product you receive, and heat sealing is overly complicated for what most clients hope to be a simple installation, as only specific heat guns are compatible with the geotextile.

Full technical data of our geotextile membranes are available upon request, or by viewing the products individually on our website.

Note, we offer a heavily discounted carriage charge on our horse manege packages. For bulk orders this discount can be improved.

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